Bali is certainly a small island, but small does not mean limited by any means. One of the most diverse and visitor-friendly islands in the vast archipelago that is Indonesia, Bali is a favourite for tourists from all around the globe Also known as the Land of the Gods.

Every area in Bali is as diverse as it is spectacular and no matter what you seek, on this island, you are sure to find it. Bali has been described by many as an intricate tapestry of culture, tourism, nature and night life and it’s not hard to see why it is Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination.

We have asked many travellers what Bali means to them and their answers are as eclectic as the travellers themselves. Some people see Bali as parties, cheap shoppingand nightlife where as others see it as a place for meditation, relaxation and spiritual awakening. Some travellers head to Bali in search of pumping waves, clean lines and perfect surf where as others are looking for private beaches, blinding white sand and a hammock under a palm tree to complete their dream tropical island holiday. All of these travellers and more have found Bali to have exactly what they are looking for.

South Bali – Where The Action Takes Place

Many travellers see South Bali as Bali itself, whereas others avoid it completely except for heading to the airport on their way out. South Bali is home to Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Jimbaran Bay and is the primary tourist area on the island.

Kuta offers accommodation ranging from the cheap to the very luxurious, diverse shopping and an incredible array of night life, clubs, bars and restaurants that keep people in the party mood day and night. Kuta reminds me a bit of a wild teenager, loud, fun and full of adventure. Sanur on the other hand is a more relaxed, upmarket version of its West Coast counterpart Kuta. Sanur offers the same sun, surf and beach holiday that Kuta does but with a little more class and a little less hype.

North Bali – Walk, Breathe, and Relax

Northern Bali is much less visited by tourists these days, and hence it is lovely and quiet. The cultural exploration of North Bali is not something to be missed, where the proud locals show traditional dance, art and incredible musical talent. The mountain ranges and national parks leading up to the North offer amazing hiking and sections of the coast offer an underwater world of pure beauty and mystery.

East Bali – The Navel of The World

In the East, Bali is dominated by the impressive Gunung Agung, the ‘navel of the world’ and the biggest mountain in Bali. This impressive mountain is home to amazing traditional villages, impressive rice fields and amazing tropical villas that are sure to take your breath away.

The coast of the east has beautiful beaches, good diving and beautiful cultural sites.

Western Bali – The Forgotten

Not to be out done by the other areas of Bali, Western Bali has a vibe that is completely unique. A long black sandy coast offers amazing surf, quiet beaches and off the beaten track destinations that are passed by so many tourists they are still unspoiled.

For surfers there is a long left hand point and numerous reefs and beach breaks and other tourists head up here to find Balinese culture, traditions and village life still intact.

Central Bali – Sight Seeing At Its Best

Once the beaches and parties in the south and the yoga cafes in Ubud start to tire, Central Bali is a great escape. Here you’ll find dramatic volcanoes, lush plantations, stunning crater lakes and mystical temples. The higher elevation also means that the temperatures are much cooler than other parts of Bali. For trekkers, nature lovers and those simply looking for a mountain hideaway, the highlands are the place to be. Central Bali is the most picturesque area of the island with numerous temples, deep river gorges, stunning rice terraces, waterfalls and mountains. It is also home to two Unesco World Heritage sites such as the rice terraces of Jatiluwih and Tegallang which can only exist through close cooperation of the Subak, which is a 1000- year old water management system under the authority of water temple priests and local Banjar communities.

Bali has it all

Bali has woven culture, religion, art and natural beauty together, where visitors are welcomed with open arms and their truly is something for everyone. Whether you want to party by the pool, play at the beach with the kids, discover pure silence in the forest, find spiritual awakening or surf a clean tube… Bali has it all and more.

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